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1. What is the insulation of your homes?

Our buildings are insulated with 150 mm EPS (polystyrene) without reducing wall thickness. Unlike standard mobile homes where insulation is cut for pipes, waste, or electrical installations, our system ensures full insulation for maximum comfort.


2. What construction do you use?

KODIMA developed a patented steel construction approved by a structural engineer. It eliminates thermal bridges and condensation points, unlike other constructions. More details can be found on our blog: [Thermal Differences, Insulation, and Understanding Them] 


3. Is a building permit required?

Yes, a building permit is required for all mobile homes. Some companies claim otherwise, but the law requires permits for any structure connected to utilities. Our homes are full-fledged modular houses meeting all residential standards, with complete project documentation for the building office.


4. Which home is the most popular?

The most popular model is definitely EMIKO 48m².


5. Is a concrete foundation necessary?

No, due to our homes' massive construction, a concrete slab is not required. More information is available in our blog: [How to Prepare the Ground for a Mobile Home]


6. Is the EMIKO modular home intended for year-round living?

EMIKO is not a typical garden mobile home like a cottage. It is a modular home designed for permanent living, delivered to your site, high and spacious, perfectly insulated, and offering a positive living experience every day.


7. What equipment does EMIKO come with, and what are the prices?

The equipment and prices are available in our catalog, which can be downloaded. Prices are accurate and include complete turnkey equipment as stated in the catalog, including VAT.

8. Where can I view the homes?

You can view our buildings at our showroom in Prešov or our production hall. Please schedule a visit in advance by phone.


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