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What should we imagine under the term "family business"? Who stands behind Kodima?

We are Marko, 29, and Lukáš, 27, and we are brothers. Kodima is our creation. We talk about it as if it were a person because it has a personality. Every team member is considered family. We operate on the principle of leaders, not bosses. Our atmosphere is like being at home in the living room, but everyone has their role to fulfill. Therefore, a family business is listed as our main attribute.

Why did you decide to go in this direction, what inspired you?

Lukáš: I studied in this field because it has been my hobby since childhood. I liked coming up with various modern alternatives for living and recreational spaces. I wanted it to be affordable while also being aesthetically pleasing and functional for larger companies, such as a showroom. Besides the technical aspects, the entire Kodima project needed a business spirit, which is why I asked the best salesperson I personally know for his opinion on the project. That salesperson is my brother Marko. Marko really liked the idea of affordable spaces. He saw potential in it, and one thing led to another, combining technical expertise with talent to create Kodima.

Do you have any of your creations at home in your garden or elsewhere?

Of course, we have several. A cabin in the woods, a garage for motorcycles, and a summer kitchen. The versatility and design possibilities are unlimited in our case.

Who are your objects and residential spaces intended for? I read that I can have a cabin or even a business space at very reasonable costs. How does that work?

Yes, that's exactly how it is. The usage is unlimited. We have clients who bought it as a poolside space. Most often, we have clients who use it as a year-round cabin or residence. Even more frequently, our clients are businesses that use it as a showroom or operations space. Regarding the cost, I personally don't know of anything else that can be used in the same way for such an advantageous price.

Tell us how you differ from the competition?

We have many differences from the competition. The main one is the honesty of the price. Many sellers mislead with specific prices like "starting from" or give prices without VAT or for a basic model. With us, the prices are final and real, with the visuals as you see in the picture. Isn't that more fair? We also have a surprise that is our know-how in the functioning system, which the client learns about after purchase. We have solved construction issues in a way that no one else has, such as constructions without thermal bridges (not with minimal ones, but completely without). And I could continue like this until evening.

Finally, we would like to know what your plans are for the future?

Honestly? We have grown quickly and are progressing even faster. Our plan is to become number one in Slovakia in the sale of residential spaces and showrooms. Before that, we want to create space in Kodima for socially disadvantaged people through a civic association, a foundation, or a fund to help the "less fortunate." Everything is in the future, and we are very grateful to be able to do our work well and meaningfully.


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