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Currently, the topic of housing is becoming increasingly relevant, and with it come various alternatives such as mobile homes, container homes, and modular homes and cabins. Many of us choose these solutions due to their affordability and relatively low cost. However, it is important to realize that living in such structures can bring many challenges and limitations. Whether it's year-round living in them or issues related to their use, it's necessary to know what to expect. This is where EMIKO comes in – a prefabricated modular building designed to address all these issues.

Traditional mobile homes and container homes can provide living conditions similar to a tent for year-round living. You can live in a tent year-round, but comfort is questionable. Container systems transfer constant heat indoors in the summer and cold in the winter. Mobile homes often do not offer comfort for regular activities, but rather limitations. Low ceilings, narrow interiors, small and narrow corridors – all these can be part of typical mobile homes. The floor, with insulation immediately covered by an OSB board, means that cold from the floor can be felt despite the insulation, as it is just a thin walking layer separating us from the insulation, which is directly affected by exterior temperatures. Although some may not mind, it is a fact.

A typical mobile home can creak and produce booming sounds when walking, which can be very unpleasant. That low price has to show up somewhere, for instance, with double-chamber windows that can cause mold or condensation on the construction in container systems, or inadequately insulated beams that form the structure of wooden buildings. What? You didn't know? Yes, they are never fully insulated. Still interested in living in such a house? If so, I have another important piece of information for you. Claims that such a house doesn't require a building permit, just some notification, are just nonsense from sellers and lies that will catch up with you the moment it's no longer the problem of those who made these claims. Additional approval of a container or traditional mobile home is blood, sweat, and antidepressants.


Here is EMIKO. A prefabricated modular building designed in every aspect MAINLY for living. All the above-mentioned problems are absent here. Emiko is a fully approvable home for which you can purchase ready-made project documentation directly from us. You will not only get a house number but also the inner peace that you are not living in an illegal building. All thermal and condensation points have been eliminated. The interior is perfectly protected from the exterior. In the interior, you have standard drywall, which enhances the feeling of home.

Ordinary living is more comfortable than in an apartment, the interior is 3 meters high, and so well insulated that it's not necessary to lower the ceiling even by a millimeter. In fact, there is a special air chamber in the floor and ceiling that is heated in winter. Enjoy the spaciousness, freshness, and brightness that Emiko offers. Unpleasant vibrations while walking have also been eliminated. Thanks to the statically indeterminate construction, walking is as quiet as on the ground. The designer arranged the interior so well that the functional usability of this building is at the level of a larger apartment or house. A mobile home is not just a mobile home. Living is important. Home is important. Emiko is a place where you will return every day without thinking, "I should have done it differently when I bought it." Don't regret it, make use of it.

Because you can live in anything, the question is, what do we want to live in? We recommend EMIKO. Only everyday life will show the comfort and attention to detail that we don't see at first glance. The development of EMIKO took 14 months.

DESIGNED for living.


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