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SOFT HOME utilizes a sophisticated structural system that has been designed by structural engineer to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, including snowy zones, heavy rainfall, earthquakes and hurricanes.

The EPS insulation with a thickness of 150 mm is used as the primary insulator. Why just this insulation? More information you can find [here].

SOFT HOME employs patented construction system, which is free of thermal penetrations and thermal bridges. The standard "container structures" applied to mobile containers are not suitable for this type of construction. SOFT HOME eliminates the shortcomings of conventional construction systems.


SOFT HOME brings a revolutionary way of living with respect to high real estate prices. The energy certificate does not determine how insulated a house is. It is determined by products that increase the price of the house, such as heat pumps and so forth. It is therefore possible for SOFT HOME to be approved as a year-round inhabited building for recreational living or cottage accommodation.

The layout of the rooms is designed by the designer to provide as much space and comfort for living as possible. Therefore, several floor plans are available.

Prices are quoted for turnkey construction, VAT incl., excluding costs of transport and installation. 

Shipping and installation costs depend on the location of the building and vary from €2,500 to €5,500.


 The listed price includes the following items:

- Floor heating: A modern heating system that ensures optimum thermal comfort in your home.
- Floors: Quality-flooring materials that give your home a stylish look while being durable and easy to maintain.
- Interior doors: Aesthetically and functionally suitable doors that contribute to the overall design of your home.
- Plasters: Quality plasters that ensure a sleek and aesthetically appealing wall surface in your home.
- Kitchen unit with an integrated sink and a mixer tap: A contemporary kitchen unit with an integrated sink and a quality mixer tap that makes everyday kitchen chores easier.
- Electrical installation including lighting, switches and sockets : Complete electrical installation including lighting, switches and sockets providing plenty of light and comfort in your home.
- Bathroom: Bathroom features a walk-in shower, water heater, toilet, sink and cabinet. Everything you need for a modern and convenient bathroom.
- Wooden ceiling cladding: Aesthetic wooden ceiling cladding that gives the space a warm and welcoming look.
- Exterior according to the visualization: 

In addition to the items listed above, many other details and amenities are included that contribute to the overall comfort and quality of your living. In this way, SOFT HOME is ready to provide you with a complete and comfortable home.

For more information about SOFT HOME, as well as our full range of models, please see our downloadable catalogue

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