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KODIMA brings revolutionary prefabricated buildings to the world of mobile homes. They cannot even be compared with traditional mobile homes. These are innovative designs with mobility features that introduce a new market trend. Just as the invention of the microwave oven changed the world around us, our homes are changing the market today.

Our model, called EMIKO, represents a turning point in the field of mobile homes. Its unique elements and technological process are patented and trademarked. No other manufacturer uses our system or has the right to do so. Our buildings are extremely durable. They are sought after by more and more people and families as a replacement for traditional brick buildings. Specifically, the EMIKO 12x4 is designed to be habitable all year round, making it an ideal choice for demanding clients.

Our competitors often try to copy our success and refer to their products as year-round mobile homes. However, our quality and innovation are unmistakable. The result is buildings that are not only functional, but also really comfortable. Our philosophy is that clients should not be constrained or have to adapt and compromise. Our pursuit of excellence is reflected in details that are almost invisible to clients, but ensure comfort every day.

Despite the trend of “maybe that’s enough for me”, we emphasize that you deserve better. Our buildings stand on the principle of quality and reliability. We are not just another company out of many – we guarantee of top quality and safety. Our progress is an inspiration, both for domestic clients and architects and planners in Slovakia and beyond.

EMIKO has made us the market leader in two areas: in the mobile home market and also in innovation and quality. Our buildings are not just ordinary houses. They are high-level work that redefines the idea of what is really possible in mobile living.

KODIMA is your partner for certainty, quality and an affordable price. If you want something special, your choice is clear – KODIMA and our EMIKO.


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