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Modern family wooden house of KODIMA MODULE SYSTEM design for the comfort and year-round living of your family, which is also suitable as a seasonal resort. A premium version that offers options for future extensions.. 


Model features:

- bedroom with a huge window

- kitchen with a kitchen unit and sink

- space for living room

- bathroom with shower enclosure, water heater, wash basin and lighting

- floating floor, vinyl floorboards, plasters

- complete electrical wiring

- sewage and water pipelines

- doors and windows

- standard wall thickness - from 112 mm to 200 mm

- interior: plasters and wooden panels

- external cladding: wood, PVC and sheet metalh



The KODIMA panels, which have spectacular thermal insulation properties, are part of the external cladding, roof and floor a well.

The pattern of the KODIMA panels depends on the preferences and ideas of the future owner, as well as the pattern and design of all other components related to the new house.

All installations are concealed aesthetically and safely in the walls. The final price reflects a "turnkey" delivery of the whole house with all components.


6x6m2              € 51 500 

8x6m2              € 54 500 

10x6m2            € 68 500 


The final price of the modular house is individual based on the requirements of the future owner.

You can have the KODIMA MODULE SYSTEM version within 5 months from placing of your order.

Do you want to have a quick and inexpensive living, do a business or relax in your own?

The modular house can be purchased with a mortgage loan! If you need help with financing, a loan specialist will be happy to help you, taking into account your individual options.

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