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A New Standard in the World of Modular Homes

In our latest article, we'll take a look at the revolutionary mobile home, Emiko. This mobile home, also known as a modular home, sets a new standard in the world of mobile homes and home living experience. Let's dive into its interior together and discover all its amazing features and design elements.

The Emiko mobile home is delivered turnkey and brings everything you need for comfortable and luxurious living. It's ready for immediate relocation and occupancy. Its interior features white plasterboard walls, soundproof partitions, and designer walls designed by an architect.

The kitchen equipment in Emiko is high quality and stylish. The high-end kitchen provides ample storage space and functionality. In the bathroom, you'll find a shower, toilet, and water heater, ensuring comfortable and luxurious hygiene facilities.

The Emiko model with a gable roof covering an area of 48m2 is one of the most sought after. Additionally, you may have the option of choosing a pent roof at no extra cost. The pent roof gives the house a unique charm and creates a huge sense of space and freedom in the interior. It's worth mentioning that the interior has a height of up to 3m!

Emiko is not only stylish and comfortable but also energy-efficient and highly effective. Its underfloor heating provides warmth and comfort throughout the year, making it an ideal home for every season.

This mobile home is fully certified and comes with project documentation that puts it on par with traditional family homes. Its breakthrough design and features make it a true revolution in the world of mobile and modular homes. If you're looking for a new home that combines comfort, luxury, and innovation, the Emiko mobile home is the right choice for you.

Let yourself be enchanted by its unique style and functionality and start your journey to a new way of living today!


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